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VideoRec'07: The First International Workshop on 
Video Processing and Recognition
May 28-30, Montreal, Canada

Electronic Submission of Papers (and Supplemental Material)

Please note the following
  • Make sure your paper is formatted according to the formatting instructions!
  • The password is "videorec". You can use it to either a) view already uploaded files, or b) upload a new file.
  • Do file Listing first to see the file names already uploaded.
  • Only files with extension .pdf and .zip are accepted.
  • Make sure the name for your submission is unique and consistent for all your submissions and does not reveal the authorship.
    We suggest you use the following file name convention: "keyword1_keyword2_versionN.pdf"
  • You can upload your submission as many times as you wish, however make sure always use the same file prefix. Only the last uploaded file will be reviewed.
  • If you have any files to supplement you submission (e.g demo videos), you are welcome to upload them too in a separate zipped file as "".
  • If, after uploading your file, you don't see it in a, contact Submissions Chair.

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Today's date is: Dec 16, 2007