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VP4S-06: The First International Workshop on 
Video Processing for Security
June 7-9, Quebec City, Canada

For Authors: Formatting and Submission instructions

Tier II (CIPPRS Archived) submissions. Deadline: April 23, 2006

Summary: VP4S-06 workshop provides opportunity for the papers that were not accepted for IEEE publishing, as well as for the submissions other than regular-size papers, to be presented and archived. They will be archived electronically at the CIPPRS web-site, mirrored at the VP4S-06 workshop website.

What can be submitted: Late full-size papers (which missed Tier I deadline), short papers,  posters (with extended , Demos (with Description), Industrial Project Reports, Student projects, etc.

 Les soumissions pour Tier II en française sont bienvenues.

Layout:  All accepted Tier II submission will be presented at the poster/demo session, which will be held concurrently with the poster session of joint conferences (AI'06, GI'06, CRV'06). They will thus have however the same exposure to the attendees of all joint conferences as other workshop papers. They  will also be included with the links at the VP4S-06 workshop website.

Formatting: The formatting, submissions and archival of these materials resembles that of such conferences as CHI, SIGGRAPH, Biometrics. The authors have to choose the size and the format of their submission that suits the best the needs of their presentation, which is usually one of the following:
-  Extended Abstract (1-2 pages) 
-  Short Paper (2-4 pages), 
-  Regular Paper (4-10 pages)
-  Reports, surveys, reviews (pages as needed)
-  Posters (usually Powerpoint slides converted to pdf)

All submissions must be converted to PDF to be considered! 
Supplementing electronic material is welcomed and can be submitted using the
Submission Upload Page.

How to submit:  Follow the step described in 1.c and 1.d below. Make sure that you receive the confirmation number!

Tier I (IEEE archived) submissions. Final papers due March 24

* The formatting and submission of final papers accepted for publication within CVR proceedings have to follow exactly the instructions provided at the CRV website (click here)
* The Copyright form and the registration payment have to be received for paper to be published.

Summary: Formatting of the papers for the VP4S-06 workshop follows closely the formatting used for such conferences as CVPR'06, GI'06 and CRV'06, though the workshop's own paper template is provided.

1.a Requirements:

Blind review condition: VP4S-06 reviewing is double blind: authors do not know the names of the reviewers of their papers, and reviewers do not know the names of the authors. 

Dual submission : By submitting this manuscript to VP4S-06, the authors assert that it has not been previously published in substantially similar form, and no paper currently under submission to a conference contains significant overlap with this one. 

Size and language: Papers should be written in English,  complete, and have eight double-column pages maximum.  

1.b Formatting:

Papers must be submitted in PDF format. To obtain the PDF format, please use the template files provided in this directory, which contains:

  • A sample paper: crv-template.pdf

  • Word (.doc) template: crv-template.doc

  • LaTeX template: zipped file containing crv-template.tex and other needed files .

    If you use the template, instead of PAPER ID (since you don't know it) please use PAPER KEYWORD. 

    LaTeX users, please try  to generate .pdf from your .tex file using pdflatex command!
    This page
    explains and and will guide you though in using pdflatex

1.c Supplementing material

It is understood that the results on video processing and recognition cannot be truly evaluated without the support of the related video material. Therefore, the electronic Submission Upload Page  has been set to allow authors to upload supplementing material. The authors are encouraged to use to the best of their benefit.

1.d Electronic submission:

Submission of papers for the workshop is done in 3-step process

Step 1: Authors upload their PDF-formatted paper and all supplemental material (as .pdf or .zip, or both) via the Submission Upload page, following the naming conventions described.

Step 2: After your file(s) have been uploaded and you see them listed at the Submission Upload page you must email a short email to the Submission Chair (at with subject "VP4S-06 submission" and the following information included:

1) the title of the paper,
2) keywords of the paper, 
3) the names and affiliations of the authors 
4) the name and email of the contact author
5) the name(s) of the file(s) you have uploaded.

Step 3: Upon the reception of your email, the confirmation with the submission number will be emailed to you. VERY IMPORTANT: if you don't receive it within  24 hours, it means that (for whatever spam/server related problems) your submission was not received, in which case please contact the Co-Chairs at the numbers listed at the main page.

If (for whatever reasons) you are unable to upload your files using Submission Upload page, then you still may try to email it directly Submission Chair . However, due to email/spam-filter problems, and especially if you paper is larger than 1Mb, there's no guarantee that your email will be received.


Last updated: 21.III.2006.