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VP4S-06: The First International Workshop on 
Video Processing for Security
June 7-9, Quebec City, Canada

introduction submission instructions workshop contributions  AI'06 / GI'06 / CRV'06

Jointly with Computer & Robot Vision (CRV'06) Artificial Intelligence (AI'06) and Computer Graphics (GI'06) conferences

Next workshop will be held on May 28-30, 2007 in Montreal  under new name:  
 International workshop on Video Processing and Recognition
VideoRec 2007

News log: 
June 26: Pictures from the workshop are put on the website.
June 7-9: Workshop is held. Tier I papers are posted at as part of the CRV'06 proceedings.
June 1:
  Tier II accepted submissions and Tier I abstracts are posted at the workshop website.

May 10: 
Workshop Program is ready.
April 23:
Tier II papers deadline.
March 23:
Tier I final papers due to IEEE publisher.
March 7: 
Decisions made: Out of 15 submissions, 7 - accepted for IEEE publication.
March 1: 
Reviews sent to authors. Rebuttal period announced (till March 6).
Feb. 12:  Tier I papers deadline

Call for Papers: txt, pdf, html

For Authors:  Submission instructions

For Attendees: Workshop attendees 
have to register to CRV'06 conference
at this Registration Page. 

Local information

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Program or Reviewing Committee
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Organizer & Program Chair: 

Dmitry O. Gorodnichy
Tel: 1-613-998-5298
Fax: 1-613-952-0215

Program & Reviews Chair : 

Lijun Yin, 
SUNY at Binghamton, USA

Program Committee:

Andy Adler, 
U. of Ottawa, Canada

Jake Aggarwal,
U. of Texas, USA

Rama Chellappa, 

Ralph Gross, 

Aleix M. Martinez, 
Ohio State U., USA

Anil Jain,  
Michigan State U., USA

Qiang Ji, 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Ioannis A. Kakadiaris 
U. of Houston, USA

Jim Little,
U. of British Columbia, Canada

Michael J. Lyons, 
ATR, Japan

Anurag Mittal,
Siemens, USA

Dimitris Samaras, 
SUNY Stony Brook, USA

Yingli Tian,
IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA

Matthew Turk, 

Rick Wildes
York U., Canada

Svetlana N. Yanushkevich
U. of Calgary, Canada

John Zelek,
U. of Waterloo, Canada

Additional reviewers:

Gustavo F. Dominguez, 
 ARC Seibersdorf Research, Austria
Mark Fiala, 
 IIT- NRC, Canada 
Jean Meunier, 
 U. de Montréal, Canada 
Sinjini Mitra, 
 U. of Southern California, USA 
Modesto C. Santana, 
 Max Planck I., Germany
Paolo Spagnolo 
Markus T. Wenzel, 
 I. for Medical Visualization, Germany

Precursor workshops:
FPiV'05 (jointly with CRV'05)
FPiV'04 (jointly with CVPR'04)

Joint conferences:
AI 2006, GI 2006, CRV 2006

Related events close-by:
New York, USA, June17-22, 2006

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Canadian Computer Vision companies 
and labs and affiliated resources

Introduction.    Advances in Computer Vision can provide many useful solutions for Security and Biometrics industry, in particular in the area, which has become of prime importance recently - the  Processing of Video. 

With this in mind, the First International Workshop on Video Processing for Security (VP4S-06) is organized as an extension of the past Workshops on Face Processing in Video: FPiV'04 (held jointly with CVPR'04) and  FPiV'05 (held jointly with CRV'05) with its interest extended from face detection, tracking, recognition, coding etc. to people, objects, scene and action detection, tracking and recognition etc.

The focus of the VP4S-06 workshop remains dealing with  video data,  in particular such as coming from TV, surveillance cameras or web/PDA cameras, while the main theme of the workshop is shifted towards security-related applications.

As such, the VP4S-06 workshop is to provide both a market-driven  inspiration for Computer Vision scientists, and the references to the related academic computer-vision work for the Security and Biometrics industry 

Submission and reviewing procedure: two-tier archival system    

This workshop aims at both i) distinguishing the papers that contribute significantly to the advances in the area and ii) providing the forum for discussing and presenting the results for students, researchers and industries. To achieve both of these goals, the workshop uses a two-tier submission procedure.

Tier I submissions: submission and reviewing process

For the Tier I, the original full-size (not more than 8 pages) papers written  analyzing video in the context of security  applications are welcomed for submission.  Each Tier I submission will be reviewed by three Program Committee members. Reviewing is double blind (author don't know the reviewers, reviewers don't know the authors). The goal is to have as vigorous and fair reviewing of all papers as possible. 
Tier I accepted papers will be presented at the oral session and published by IEEE as part of the CRV'06 Proceedings both in hardcopy (to be distributed at the CRV'06 conference) and electronically (archived into the IEEE Computer Society's digital library and the IEEE's XPlore and IEL digital libraries and indexed through the INSPEC indexing service). Deadline for Tier I submissions is February 12, 2006.

For the Tier II, the workshop invites submissions that are not or may not be accepted for IEEE publishing. This includes late full papers, posters, demos, student projects reports, industrial projects presentations submissions etc. There are no restrictions on the size of the Tier II submissions.  
Tier II accepted submissions will be presented at the poster session and will be published at the conference web-site archived by the CIPPRS.

The suggested topics are listed below:

- all aspects of surveillance and monitoring
- faces in video: tracking, detecting, memorizing and recognizing faces in video
- people in video: tracking and backtracking people in video, pedestrians
- objects in video: searching and tracking, vehicles
- scene and activity in video: detection and annotation
- video-based alarm systems and video for crime prevention
- making video more intelligent
- multiple-person and gang tracking
- multi-camera people tracking
- video for biometrics, soft- and hard- biometrics from video
- face biometrics, modeling, and  models
- facial expression recognition and classification, and representation
- combining video data with other sensor data: range, photo, fingerprints
- video over internet, issues related to privacy of video 
- performance evaluation for face in video problems
- video-based benchmarks and databases
- processing of video from stereo and panoramic cameras
- combining video and audio for person detection/recognition
- video-based interfaces and computer-human interaction for security
- analyzing multiplexed video, demultiplexing of video
- improving quality of video: anti-aliasing and super-resolution

For paper formatting and submission instructions visit  Authors Page (Submission Instructions).

Workshop proceedings. The Tier I selected papers will be published by IEEE as part of the CRV'06 Proceedings both in hardcopy (to be distributed at the CRV'05 conference) and electronically (archived into the IEEE Computer Society's digital library and the IEEE's XPlore and IEL digital libraries and indexed through the INSPEC indexing service). - See Tier I submissions procedure.

The Tier II accepted submissions will be published online at the CIPPRS-sponsored workshop web-site. - See Tier II submissions procedure.

Workshop Layout.   Following the layout of its predecessors, the VP4S-06 workshop will be held as a Special Session of the CRV'06 conference and will consist of an oral section, where the papers accepted for IEEE publication will be presented, and an poster/demo session, which will be held concurrently with the poster session of joint conferences (AI'06, GI'06, CRV'06), where other Tier II accepted submissions will be presented. 


Who can attend: Participation in the workshop without submitting a paper is welcomed. -  For a single registration fee, the workshop participants will also be able to attend the joint conferences. Conversely, the FPiV'05 Workshop is open to all AI/GI/CRV'2006 attendees.   Student participation is encouraged by significantly discounted registration fees. 

About venue:  Quebec city, known as little France in North America, offers the visitors a variety of affordable and interesting places to visit.  

Contributing & sponsoring organizations:

This workshop  is organized by:

  • Institute of Information Technology of the National Research Council of Canada (IIT-NRC)

  • Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS)

Last updated: 26.VI.2006.